About Us

Tal-Shahar Ltd was founded in 1996 with the launching of Israel-Catalog.com, the premier online store offering a wide variety of gifts, educational material and unique products from Israel.

Our catalog remains the largest and most comprehensive catalog available to the general public, with thousands of books, tapes, CDs, videos, gifts, art, Judaica and software items for you to choose from.

The iStudyHebrew Initiative

We founded iStudyHebrew based on overwhelming customer requests and our vast online marketing experience. This innovative online virtual study program provides education and training solutions to individuals and organizations wishing to learn Hebrew with a ''live'' teacher but not always having that option. iStudyHebrew addresses the pedagogical and instructional issues of a traditional classroom and with a live, experienced teacher.

Our Mission

We believe in the learner's desire to get to know the exciting world of modern, spoken Hebrew and in having the right tools to effectively accomplish that goal.

We truly wish to help you overcome the language barrier and to successfully handle the challenges of practical, spoken Hebrew, whether in personal or professional situations.

Simple and easy - this is our guideline for the learning process we offer.
We believe in a simple approach that can suit everyone who wants to learn or improve communication in Hebrew, regardless of age or previous experience.

We also believe in quality - therefore, we use advanced Synchronic Learning Technology, combining both audio and video, to bring quality, focused, practical content that will answer a variety of needs. We believe that designated state-of-the-art learning content, delivered by the best teachers using simple reliable technologies, are essential keys to your success.

Creating the content for these specific lessons is a joint project carried out together with E-Learning Knowledge Solutions Ltd.

E-Learning Knowledge Solutions Ltd offers years of experience in education and training and boasts projects for some of the largest institutions and organizations in Israel and worldwide.

We are always available to help and we wish you success with your learning!

Sincerely yours,

Shahar Geva
General Manager


"...I greatly enjoy the Hebrew lessons, which are lively and interesting. With the help of the Live Classroom computer facility students from all corners of the globe have the exciting experience of sitting in a classroom in Israel....", Dr. Peter Cohen, Germany

Why Choose Us?

How would you benefit

iStudyHebrew brings together a high professional level of Hebrew teaching with the convenience of improving your Hebrew no matter where you are:

  • Wherever you are – just join the class
  • Whenever it is convenient to you – schedule lessons at convenient to time
  • Interactive and friendly study material
  • Affordable prices
  • Various learning channels that you can chose from