How to Say I love You in Hebrew?

Hebrew is a language for romance and it has been so for thousands of years, from King Solomon’s “Song of Songs” (such as Ani LeDodi VeDodi Li) to Modern Hebrew poets. In case you are in need to express your love to a Hebrew Man or Woman – this is how it goes (you may also click the link for an MP3 audio recording):

I love you in Hebrew (man to a woman)
“Ani Ohev Otach”

I love you in Hebrew (woman to a man)
“Ani Ohevet Otcha”

I love you (woman to a woman)
“Ani Ohevet Otach”

I love you (man to a man) –
“Ani Ohev Otcha”

How Romantic

Thanks Eran!
I recall there was an old song like that.... does anyone remember it?