Hebrew meaning for "Haval Al Hazman"?

I heard israelies say the word "Haval Al Hazman", what do they mean ?

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Haval al Hazman

This is a slang phrase used to describe two very different situations:
If you want to express a magnificent thing, such as a wonderful party, you would say: Hamesiba hayta haval al hazman. Meaning: The party was awesome!

The phrase could also be used in it's literal meaning - it's a waste of time. For example: your friend invited friends for dinner and it was one boring night, your response to how it was would be: Haval al hazman. It was a waste of time.

How do we know which is it? Do we mean that it was amazing or a waste of our time? It all depends on the voice and intonation: the more excited we sound, the better the event was.