Learn to Speak Hebrew in 3 Months

Learn Hebrew online in 3 monthsiStudyHebrew’s user-friendly e-learning courses immerse you in the Hebrew language as you journey through a virtually authentic Israeli experience.

While there are several methods for instructing the Hebrew language, only iStudyHebrew gives you a taste of modern Israel as you learn Hebrew with a teacher in an interactive classroom. Our three-month courses are informal and fun, yet contain the essential foreign-language education objectives critical to successful learning.

iStudyHebrew students learn practical, everyday Hebrew to help get along in Israel, converse with Hebrew speakers or refresh what was once learned. The carefully designed lessons merge technology, didactic goals and enjoyment into a rich and rewarding approach to learning modern, spoken Hebrew.

Key live classroom features:

  • Visual content display – view the magazines and other graphically rich content
  • Audio – listen and speak with the teacher and students
  • Live text chat – type instant chat messages
  • Graphic tools – use graphic tools for exercises and quizzes
  • Lessons recorded and archived – review lessons at your convenience

Key learning benefits:

  • Receive real-time feedback from a live instructor
  • Practice reading and speaking
  • Improve your pronunciation
  • Raise your comprehension level
  • Increase your Hebrew fluency