Beginner Hebrew Practice Workshop

Join our “Bereshit Hebrew Practice” online, interactive workshop

Beginner's Hebrew WorkshopThere is no better way to reinforce your language skills than by continued practice. Our ongoing workshops enable you to meet in a live, interactive classroom where you will practice reading, speaking and discussing in Hebrew with an experienced bilingual teacher and other students. And it’s all done from the comfort of your own home.

iStudyHebrew’s beginner level Hebrew practice workshop is based on the popular Bereshit Hebrew teaching magazines. It has been approved as an educational tool by the Israel ministry of Education and is used by schools, organizations and individuals over the world. It includes easy Hebrew articles with translations and lessons on the alphabet, vowels, pronunciation, grammar and more. The material is being brought to you in a stimulating manner so that the learning process will be easy and fun.

About the Bereshit Workshop:

In this Beginner’s class, you will learn and practice your basic language skills; letters and vowels, reading, speaking, pronunciation, vocabulary, comprehension and grammar. While using the monthly magazine for practice, you will read current news items and stories related to Israel and from around the world.