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Conversational Hebrew CourseLearn modern conversational Hebrew in 3 months. The course gives you the taste of Israel, you learn practical, everyday Hebrew in order to get along in Israel and converse with Hebrew speakers. You may also want to refresh what was once learnt.
Total new Hebrew words will be covered in the course: 200

Course information:

  • Duration: 3 months
  • Number of classes: 12 X once a week
  • Class duration: 45 minutes each
  • Age: 12-adults (special lessons for younger children are also available – please contact us for more details)
  • See course curriculum


  • Conversational Hebrew for beginners (group classes)
  • Private one-on-one tutoring (fully customized to the student level and needs)

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Lesson 1

We will escort newcomers as they take their first few steps in Israel

We will pay special attention to interrogatives – where, how, where to, how much, why, what and who

Lesson 2

Greetings & Manners: Hello, Goodbye, Congratulations, Nice to meet you

Social Expressions: Please, Thanks, Good-Appetite, Bless you, Excuse me

Lesson 3

Times of the week: day before yesterday, yesterday, today, tomorrow

Time units: hour, day, week, month, year, time

Relational time periods: before, after, later, late, and early

Lesson 4

Persons (male, singular form): I, You, He

Persons (male, plural form): Us, You, They

Possessive pronouns: My, Your, His

Useful Hebrew verbs & words: want, eat, sit, home, problem, there is

Lesson 5

Persons (female, singular form): I, You, She

Persons (plural form): Us, You, They

Possessive pronouns: My, Your, Hers

Useful Hebrew verbs & words

Lesson 6

Persons (female, male, singular & plural form): rehearsing words from previous lessons

Persons (plural form): Us, You, They

Hebrew grammar basic rules: rules regarding singular/plural and female/male forms will be presented

Useful Hebrew verbs & words: bus, parking lot, yarmulke, kerchief, hat, Western-Wall, note, parking, walking, seeing, putting, wearing, hiding, car, dog

Lesson 7

Numbers (female, male, singular & plural form)

Useful Hebrew verbs & words: collective settlement, visiting, need, ATM, penny, shekel, coin, bill

Rehearsing words from previous lessons

Lesson 8



Useful Hebrew verbs & words:
forecast, weather, meteorologist, season, sky, love, air conditioner, swimming pool, leaves

Reviewing words from previous lessons

Lesson 9

Parts of the body

Clothing items

Useful Hebrew verbs & words

Reviewing words from previous lessons

Lesson 10

Vacationing around Israel

Useful Hebrew words: hotel, vacation, dining room, suitcase, zimmer, hut, hostel, outdoor, bag, sleeping bag, tent, campfire, stars, cheap

Rehearsing words from previous lessons

Lesson 11

At home: places and furniture

Useful Hebrew words:
kitchen, table, chair, fridge, bed, pillow, wardrobe, bath, towel, living room, carpet, floor, lamp, door

Rehearsing words from previous lessons

Lesson 12

Means of transportation

Useful Hebrew words:
station, central, bell, driver, ticket, shuttle taxi, train, ticket box, security person, information, rented car, expensive, traffic jam, traffic signs, traffic light

Rehearsing words from previous lessons

Concluding the course & what's next

** Please note: The syllabus is subject to change without notice.

The lessons are focused on how to get along in Israel.
Each lesson or the entire course may also be learned with a private tutor according to your individual needs. Contact us for more details.