Free Online Hebrew Lesson with a live Hebrew Teacher

Bring your Hebrew back to life through an exciting interactive online group

Learn Hebrew Online

Using the advantage of online group lessons (up to 8 students per class) is the most effective and fun way to adjust to a new language. Listen to native Hebrew speakers from Israel and interact with other group members who want to master the new language just like you.

iStudyHebrew free lesson offer is a great way to measure your reaction to our study program and with no charge. To join our free lesson, all you need is a computer and broad band internet access.
We use the most up to date synchronized e-learning technology, you will be able to view live lessons, listen and converse with a live teacher and other students, receive feedback in real time, and type messages during the lesson.

Please choose one of the following courses and type it in the "Hebrew course" field:
Bereshit Hebrew practice workshop (beginner's)
Yanshuf practice workshop (Intermediate/advanced)
Conversational Hebrew course (beginner's)
Hebrew reading course (beginner's)
Biblical Hebrew workshop